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B11 Ecolo Safe Cleaner

HK$ 390,00
Applicable on vegetables, fruits, dishes,cooking utensils, cotton, linen, rayon, synthenic fibres, wool, acetate, silk, furniture, capets, bathroom and bedroom fixtures, and automobiles.


*For Vetgetables & Fruits:0.25 ml i.e. 1 drop from cap per 1L water.

*For Dishes & Cooking Utebsils: Dilute 5 to 24 times, then wash with a sponge.

*For Landry: 4ml per 30L of water

*As Softener: 2ml per 30L of water

*For windows: Dilute 10 times

*For furniture: 0.8 ml i.e. 3 drops from cap per 1L water.

*As Stain or Spot Remover: Put concentrated Ecolo on stain, rub gently and leave for a few hours to overnight.

*As Refridgerator odor neutralizer: Dilute a little Ecolo with water in a small cup and leave it in the refridgerator. Replace with new cup of Ecolo solution every week.