B04 Essence UV IIs

HK$ 480,00
100% natural whitening essence that functions as a sunblock at the same time.Prevents hyper-pigmentation, reduces freckles and premature wrinkle due to UV light, retain skin moisture and promotes fairer skin tone.

*Paeoniae extract travels deep to cellular level, targets melanin and prevents formation of freckles and premature wrinkles due to UV light.

*Mulberry extract hinders UV absorption.

*y-Oryzanol refrains melanin production and soothes irritated skin.

Q10 added!

*Shake well before use*
After cleansing, apply 3-4 drops of Essence UV IIs gently to facewith fingertips.  If using as sunblock, reapply Essence UV IIs until desired coverage.  Suitable for daily use- apply in the morning and at night.