dental herb

B19 Dental Herb Essence II

HK$ 480,00
100% herbal ingredients, this dental essence cleans away plaque, nicotine and prevents cavities, cleanses the mouth and stop bad breath. Can also be used as facial mask to clam irritated skin.

*Purple loosestrife extract's antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties clam minor wounds and blisters.

*Yarrow extract is antiseptic and anti-allergy.

For teeth:  Use only 1/6 of the amount you normally use with other toothpastes.  Squeeze soy-bean size of Dental Herb Essence II to toothbrush and brush teeth at least twice daily (morning and night) and whenver necessary.

As facial mask:  Apply a generous layer over skin.  Leave on for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly.