B40 UV Foundation II -Natural 66

HK$ 480,00
UV Foundation II (Natural 66)
100% natural UV-cut Nourishing Powder Foundation- suitable for all skin types.

Made with 100% natural ingredients including hyaluronic acid, collagen, γ-oryzanol, squalene, royal jelly, etc., this nourishing foundation also contains natural UV absorbents that protect the skin from UV rays.

Ultra-fine particles that blend into skin, giving skin a beautiful luminosity and silky texture. This nourishing foundation does not clog pores, so it is safe for every day application.

Color of foundation comes from the natural colors of saffron, comfrey and vitamins, it does not contain synthetic coal tar pigments and other chemical ingredients.

UV Foundation II Natural 66 is a two-way foundation. For light coverage, use a dry sponge to lightly apply foundation onto skin; for full coverage, wet sponge and then apply foundation onto skin. Repeat until you get the desired coverage.