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B98 Tonic Essence II BB-T Regular

HK$ 480,00
Helps prevent hair loss, stops spit-end and nourishes damamged hair. It contains multiple herbal extracts that prevent formation of dandruff to saggy body parts. This essence works as firming serum that tones and lifts to help create the prefect body-line.

*Arnica, Rosemary, Sage and other plant essences in Tonic Essence II BB-T Regular promote blood circulation so nutrients are delivered to the hair folicles more effectively. This in turn helps damaged hair to heal and stimulates hair regeneration.

*Camomile and Clematis essences moisturise the hair, making hair smoother and glossier.

*Western Ivy and Vitamin E in Tonic Essence II BB-T Regular tone the scalp and promote normal secretion thus preventing itchiness.  These extracts also inhibit the growth of bacteria that can result in hair loss.

*Tonic Essence II BB-T Regular incorporates Grape Seed Extract, Western Ivy and Horsetail (Herb) to accelerate the decomposition of excess body fat, thereby making the scalp and other areas of the skin firmer and less flabby. Angstorm Technology is used to break down these nutrients into tiny particles that can be absorbed into the skin more readily.

How to apply:
*Shake well before use*

Apply essence(direct from bottle or diluted) onto cleansed scalp or body.  Gently massage unitl essence is absorbed.