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B88 Essence BB UP α Dry

HK$ 960,00
Gives a combined firming and moisturizing effect, ideal for individuals who perspire greatly and have oily skin.

Ideal for individual who perspire greatly and have oily skin.

*Cedar extract balances oil secretion, prevents oxidization and calms inflammed skin.

*Cordyceps, Korean Ginseng and Reishi extracts nourish skin and enhance skin rejuvenation.

*Hyaluronic acid and Amino acids penetrate to the bottom layers of skin and help cellular regeneration and boost collagen production to regain skin elasticity.

*Shake well before use*
After cleansing, apply 3-4 drops of Essence BB UP alpha DRY gently to face with fingertips.  Suitable for daily use - apply in the moring and at night.