bath soap

B18 Bath Soap II

HK$ 480,00
This product has a substantial moisturizing effect. Its mild nature allows application on hair, face and body and is suitable to be used by all types of skin.

*Peptide amino acids from fish collagen and fish elastin could ultra moisturizes and guarantees long-term hydration.

*Mukurossi extract provides effective in-depth skin cleansing and balances oil secretion.

*Herbal extracts such as Scotch Pine extract and Safflower extract improve blood circulation and relieve muscle pain.

*Shake well before use*
As facial cleanser/body wash (with bubble bottle):  Using bubble bottle, dilute Bath Soap II with distilled water in the ratio of 1:10-15.
You can mix with Bath Essence Daily II as well:  Mix Bath Soap II with Bath Essence Daily II in the ratio of 1:1, using bubble bottle, dilute the mixture with distilled water in the ratio o 1:10-15.

As facial cleanser/body wash (direct application):  Take HK 1 dollar size of Bath Soap II onto palm, add small amount of water and use fingertips to mix in circular motion until it foams.  Gently massage foam onto wet skin and then rinse with water thoroughly.  Suitable for everyday use.