B03 Essence HG IIs

HK$ 960,00
Ultra hydrating essence that boosts skin moisture. Essence HG IIs contains precious herbal essences which provide nutrients and hydrating agents to cellular level, boosting skin overall moisture level and at the same time its defense ability.

Ultra moisturizing essence containing highly concentrated botanical extracts that nourish dry and tired skin in a flash.

*Hyaluronic acid retains skin and lips moisture, preserves skin suppleness and smoothness while increasing the overall moisture level.

*Botanical extracts such as seaweed, sponge cucumber and aloe form a moisturizing sheath that protects skin and gives a luminous and dewy finish.

*Purple loosetrife extract's  antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities calm irritated and acne-prone skin.

*Shake well before use*
After cleansing, apply 2-3 drops of Essence HG IIs gently to face with fingertips.  Suitable for daily use-apply in the morning and at night.